Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why wouldn't they want us to baptize the whole city of Guayquil?

December 7, 2010


So this week has been pretty great! It has absolutely flown by, like crazy fast! I cannot believe i am going to be entering the field in like a week! So crazy to think about not being in the CCM! I am sure this will be a really fast week as well. So this is what I am hoping
for: Spencer is going to be waiting at the airport to pick me up with the president and then on the way to the mission home he will say "oh by the way this is your new companion, Elder Keables" and then we will just wreck Guayaquil and baptize the whole town... Lets just put it this way, ya know the pictures in the back of the Book of Mormon? There will be another one for Me and Elder Keables. I am thoroughly convinced that this is what is going to happen, I mean it makes the most sense, why wouldn't they want us to baptize the whole city of Guayaquil? Anyway I would really like an update on Taylor's progress in the mission papers, has he sent them in? has he got his call and you guys just aren't telling me? WHAT IS THE DEAL??? Proselyting was awesome this week though. We went to a pretty impoverished area, ended up proselyting in somewhat of a business area. I was really worried because my companion was soo nervous about teaching, and he was having a rough time in the practices that we do here in the CCM. So I was really worried because I don't speak Spanish at all! well I do but not enough to handle myself in all situations. So we are on the street and I pointed to someone I thought we should contact. We walked up, introduced ourselves, and my companion did awesome! he really stepped up and it was such a relief! We made so many good contacts, and taught 5 lessons before lunch. We taught one guy who I thought was really receptive. His name was Napoleon, and he was an elderly man, probably late 60s and he owned a fruit stand on the street! So we walked up to him and he wasn't overly excited at first. he was just kinda talking to us to be polite I think. I could definitely read his body language. But we persevered and ended up teaching him the whole first lesson. He wasn't overly excited about it until we started talking about Joseph Smith. We told him the story, and I recited the first vision. When i recited the first vision he sparked right up! It was almost a night and day difference between the man that we started talking to. He started talking about how he was having a really hard time because he lives alone, his kids live in the United States and his wife died. He said that he felt like god had left him alone. I shared with him a scripture in D&C 122:7-9 about trials. He really loved this scripture. We committed him to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and we set up an appointment for the other missionaries to follow up with him. Right when we were leaving he was already starting to read the Book of Mormon. This experience was sooo motivating. So crazy how one street contact can change my whole perspective. I know without a doubt that he is going to pray and know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I cannot wait to get out in the field so when I make contacts like this one, I will be able to follow up with them. I also had a pretty rare, but awesome opportunity this Saturday
also. We started talking to this group of guys and all of them spoke perfect English! I was so shocked, I kept talking in Spanish but then realized that they were talking in English. So I taught them a short lesson in English, and when I got done, he told me he was a pastor, and that he was christian, but didn't like the Mormons. So maybe not as successful of a contact, but I just thought it was awesome that I got to speak English lol. After lunch we didn't have too much success though. It seemed like that whole area just kinda shut down. We did
talk to one 23 year old named felipĂ©. He was washing his taxi when we walked up to him, and as soon as he saw us he started smiling. I didn't know whether he was just like "oh shoot here they come again" or if he was happy to see us! But it turns out he was happy to see us.
Apparently some other missionaries had taught him before, but he hadn't gotten baptized, but always really liked the missionaries. We talked to him shortly about the plan of salvation, And he said that he would like to take the missionary discussions again. So we filled out a reference card and he said that he was going to try to read his book of Mormon again. Overall he seemed pretty excited about this week. Overall this week has been awesome, I absolutely loved proselyting on Saturday, and it was just awesome all around! I love my companion, he is like a little brother to me. he is always Happy it seems like. such an inspiration to me because he is always positive. Even though I don't know Spanish that well I am always keeping him entertained somehow. And the good part is he is going to my mission! so I will get to see him more and more! which will be awesome! cannot wait, you have no idea how anxious I am to enter the field! ahhhh it seems so close but soooo far! Well I am going to go get ready for the temple. Love you  guys and I miss you soooooooo much, you have no idea. The thought of  you guys watching Christmas vacation together makes me sooo happy.  alright peace out for now.

Love you
       Elder Storm

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have a New Companion...

December 1, 2010

Don't fret about the emails, I will email every week no matter what, you are my mom for crying out loud! Ya thanksgiving woulda been a lot harder but they actually had somewhat of a thanksgiving dinner so that made it a lot better, I ate so much, went back for thirds, 6 slices of pie, and I still haven't gained a pound lol. Wow mom good job at work, I shouldn´t be surprised though, you are amazing at working with people. Did you give them hugs to seal the deal? just wondering. Gosh that really stinks that you have to work sooo much during Christmas time, I don't know how you do it, just a super mom or something. I don't
even care what is in the packages, it is awesome just getting anything from home, did you just cake on the Jesus stickers? lol. That is awesome though, I cannot wait to see the look on my companions face! Maybe it will be Spencer? haha I wont get my hopes up but that would 
beeee sooooo swwwweeeeet!!!! ya that is definitely one thing I have noticed is that the Latins don't have many ties. but I gave my last companion a couple, and will
probably end up giving this one a couple as well. Speaking of which, my new companions name is Elder Garcia, he is from Guatemala, and he is about 4'10" I think, not quite sure but somewhere around there. He is awesome though, he is always happy, which makes me happy as well. Ya I miss Taylor a lot as well, man me and that kid spent like everyday together, its like being addicted to something,haha when you go cold turkey its a really hard adjustment. haha what is his progress on the mission papers? does he have his call? what is the news! I knew dad would move onto something sooner or later, but luckily he didn't have to go
far. Gosh I miss him so much, I miss you all soo much. I thought about the mental image of Christmas time the other day and got homesick. All the Christmas decorations up, lights on the tree and outside, a fire going with rain outside. I mean you cant get much better than that right? I am in mid 70s weather, where it is partly smoggy everyday lol, jk i love it in Peru, its awesome. Some good spiritual experiences i have had have been when I am teaching in The TRC or something like that. Bearing testimony of the truthfulness strengthens my testimony every time. I love bearing testimony because I feel so good after I do it. That is awesome that they are making dollhouses for the nieces. Ya I know I cannot wait to call you guys either, it is going to be awesome, to bad I didn't get to talk to you
guys that much. actually it was only you and halfway dad... I wonder if I will be able to call when I fly to Ecuador... questions questions. The mission pres and his wife are good, He seems a little on the stern side but his wife is just like the grandma everyone wants. They are both truly inspired individuals, and you can definitely tell. The new companion is good though, he has a hard time teaching, but I was the same way when I first started, he will be a good missionary though. The tour was amazing, I didn't get any good pictures with me in them really but just of the sites and they are awesome, look like Spain and Europe, like huge cathedrals and stuff. I bought a really cool beanie, backpack and sweatshirt, and it all cost about 25 bucks, not bad eh? that's the advantage of being able to barder.  I haven't written Jake, but I don't know his address either. I would like  to write him and Brian, and kyle. I miss the snot out of you also mother.  I really really really really really miss your faces, and just ahh you  guys are awesome I really wish I would have taken advantage of it more when
was back home (stupid me) but I definitely know how lucky I have it in the old USA and I will never forget that, I miss you all so much. Just know as often as you think of my i think of you double that! you guys are awesome. Keep the emails coming, they are always putting a smile on my face.  welllllll hasta luego fam and friends
Elder Tormenta