Sunday, October 31, 2010

My companion is soooo awesome

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey DAD!!!
thats sweet you got a new tent, Ibet it will be a lot better than your last one. What do you mean remodeling? Whats changin? Where are you going on your kayak trip! I have been having my spanish teacher update me on how the giants are doing every day... I am so happy their up 2-0 thats awesome. My companion is soooo awesome, him and I get along great. Hopefully we wont get split up when we go to Peru, we are crossing our fingers. Well I leave Salt Lake City at 7 in the morning and dont get to Lima till 10:55 PM which is a very very very long day. Iam looking forward to getting out of the mtc tho, that will be a good change of pace. I am feeeling better and better about the mission everyday. I cant wait to get out in the field tho, thanks for emailing me dad, love you soooooo much and miss tucking you and and just bein  there to bug you

Hi Mom,
The packages were great! I am sooo appreciative for all the snacks you guys gave me! So i get to Atlanta at 3:25 pm and leave at 5:15 pm so sometime in there i will be calling you guys.
This is my new address for Peru, put it up on fb and blog and stuff k? I am planning on sending the watch home early next week, just got to find something to send it in. I  did go through all the pockets of the new backpack, it was like a treasure hunt/christmas lol. I am sooo sorry to hear about your stressful job mom, Iknow you really like it and stuff, but dont overwork yourself... dont mean to sound like dr. phil or anything, but family comes first,,, just remember lol. Wow mom that is soooo sweet that you are bearing your testimony to employees, that is all missionary work is mom, just keep at it, you are a good example to me! Gosh i am soooo excited to travel to Peru. The farthest i have ever flown has been to SLC so this will be a big change for me. I ended up buying english scriptures so dont fret about it...
         So the daily schedule. I wake up at 6:20 every morning because if you wake up at 6:30 you have to wait for a shower, then i go to class at 7:15 and have personal study until breakfast at 8:15. Then after breakfast it is back to the classroom from 9 to 1 and we usually either have a teacher or just like study time. At 1 we have lunch and then after have gym, usually we play basketball and i have gotten to know a lot of really cool missionaries from gym, its one of my favorite parts of the day. After gym we go shower again and then head back to class around 3:15 and we have more study time. At 6 we go to dinner and usually all the mtc food is pretty gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do, probably wont be any worse than what i will be eating at Ecuador. At 6:45 we have a teacher until 9 where we usually learn a  new concept to spanish or just role play and learn more about teaching the gospel!!! At 9 o'clock we have companionship planning, where we go over our goals for that day and how well we did,  or what we need to work on, and then we set more goals and plan our next day. THEN we go to the residence hall and change into bball shorts and just talk with other people in our building usually, at 10:15 we write in our journals and its lights out by 10:30
PDAy is a little different. Me and my companion wake up at 615 and go and do our laundry. while our laundry is going we have personal study, after the laundry is done at about 8 we go to the temple for breakfast (its our weekly treat) and have a small feast, then we come back and have companion study and then get ready to go do an endownment session. We meet up with our district and then go up to the temple. After that we go to lunch, and then from 1-6 we have personal time where we can email, write, or just kinda do whatever, we usually just write letters and chill in our room, except for when we go email, and then we go in the laundry room. At 6pm we have dinner and then at 6:45 we have classroom with Hermano Barrios. He is awesome, he is from Chile.. then we have daily planning at 9 and sooo on! so ya thats the day in the life for me right now, i am constantly busy and constantly have something to do its pretty sweet! alright i will talk to you guys later, love you and miss you
    Elder Storm

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spiritual Devotional

Friday, October 23, 2010

Hi Family!!

Everything is going great! My companion is awesome and our district is sweet as well! I pray for you guys every night, so hopefully that is working, lol. So I hear that you are working a lot mom? Don't run yourself into the ground!  I am so glad that I left when I did, imagine me crying at stake conference! Itwas bad enough in 2nd ward haha.

My companion is from Layton, Utah. I sent you some  pictures so you should be getting them like early next week I think. haha I have heard so many cool things about the Peru mtc. its gonna be sooo tight! We get to do street contacting and like go around the city and stuff, so I will probably pick up on the language a lot faster when I am down there. When am I going to get my package by the way? Were you going to send it last week? well no worries, just know i leave for peru in 11 days sooooo ya. Well ya I got my travel plans! I will be leaving out of SLC November 3rd and fly to Atlanta and then to Peru! I am I allowed to call you guys? I am not sure cuz it doesnt say in the handbook. Thanks for writing me dad! I know it probably took you a long time, cause your not too fast on the old computer,  but that means a lot!
 So tuesdays devotional Russel M. Nelson spoke about the doctrine of Christ. it was a really spiritual devotional and I absolutely loved it.

 I got to sit down and talk with Brian and catch up so that was awesome also.. got to give him one last hug before he took off to the airport!
We took some pictures so I will send those next time. We were in one of the buildings and we saw a bird fly into one of the plants, so we tried to catch it and it flew hecka fast down the hallway and smashed  into a window, it was hilarious, cuz there was like 200 other missionaries watching and everyone like "oooooohhh" haha.  Well love you guys, I will be sending Allie and Emily emails also, just to your email k mom... love you lots

Elder Cody Storm

Learning lots!

Saturday October 16, 2010

Hey Family!

The MTC is amazing! I have already learned a ton of stuff, and it is super fast paced. I have learned how to bear my testimony, starting to learn how to pray, and ya a lot of other stuff! My companion is really cool, his name is Elder Applegate. We get along great, he is going to be an awesome missionary. So Emily dyed her hair how dark? I want to see a picture or something! So I found out some pretty exciting news! I am going to be going to the Lima, Peru MTC on November 3rd! My companion and I are both going there as well as to hermanas in our district! The MTC is super spiritual, I  have never felt the spirit constantly like I do here. I have seen Brian a couple times, he seems like he knows a lot of stuff already! He leaves Wednesday which is really cool! It is a really big adjustment when we have to plan everything we do! I dont think I have ever planned a day in my life, so I think that is one of the hardest things. The cold is getting better, but  I am still taking night time cold medicine. because my brain is always thinking about something, so that helps me go to sleep. We just have a mini p-day today, so we are pretty stoked to be in jeans and a t-shirt. I know the church is true. it has been revealed to me multiple times here in the mtc. Tell emily and braxton to stay strong, and stay straight! I am so excited to learn spanish and learn how to teach people to come unto christ. if you could, maybe email me spencers adress as well as Brians new one when he gets down to Argentina! that would be awesome! Well I will talk to you guys next friday, thats when my p-days will be from now on... Bye Love you lots.

Elder Storm