Sunday, February 27, 2011

...Its definitely a different world down here...

Monday January 30th, 2011
I am doing just great family. No I am not in Galapagos, still in Malvinas. The Zone Leaders like to mess with our heads lol. Tuesday night is when we had exchanges and by the time it had got to 10:30 we hadn't received a call. And then about 11 we got a call from our zone leaders, my companion is district leader so we get calls about exchanges for our whole district so I wasnt holding my breath. One of the Zone leaders told my companion he was being transferred to Loja and that I would be training one of the new guys that came in. Needless to say I was a little freaked out. I dont speak that much spanish and I certainly dont think I could train someone. 15 minutes later they called back and said that they were joking and we didn't have transfers. I let out a HUUUUGEE sigh of relief. Spencer didnt get transferred either, but his companion did, he is now training Elder Smith. Elder smith looks like a linebacker for the NFL. he is huge! haha but spencer seems to be enjoying it, he did say that they had a pretty strenuous leg workout though, because the elder loves to workout. We were supposed to have 4 baptisms this week, but 2 of them backed out. We had been teaching them for a really long time, and then last minute they got cold feet. Me and my companion were pretty bummed but happy that we still had two! One of the people that backed out was Amado Mosgueda. He has been coming to church for 4 months. His first baptismal interview he had with Pres. Montalti because he had problems with some things. So President wanted him to wait a while and feel some repentance. His second interview was this week, we went over there earlier in the day to see if all was well. He told us that all was fine and that he was really excited for his interview and to be baptized. So we told him we would be back around 4 to pick him up and go to the church to call President Montalti. He is in a wheelchair because he only has one leg so this is why we had to go pick him up. We went back there at 4 and he told us that he wasnt going to go. I was really surprised because he seemed fine earlier and he has been waiting for 4 months for this moment. So we asked him why and he said that his daughter didn't want him to get baptized because he was already baptized in the ¨evangelist¨ church. So he told us he wasnt going to go. So we called the zone leaders and cancelled. Then our other investigator, Dany Silva doesn't think he is ready for his baptism. We keep setting up appointments with him but he is never there. I think his real problem is his girlfriend. she is evangelist and I think she has been feeding him some anti-mormon stuff because the evangelist church is always attacking our church. We don't know for sure what the problem is there, but we re going to hopefully check in with him this week. OH YA I totally forgot to write nicole back! I usually am pretty good about writing people back, but I haven't received a stitch of mail from anyone except you guys since the mtc! So ya I will for sure write her back, I am still not sure how to send mail from here, so I will have to figure that out. Thats really crazy that you guys saw the durkins! haha I probably would not have recognized him lol. But thats cool that he is at Chico State! We have had a ton of rain here as well! but it is still hot! but most of the roads are not paved so there is a ton of mud everywhere. My shoes are definitely getting some wear in them, but thats what I got em for! I haven't received a picture yet with the canoe, but I am sure it is awesome, cuz dad built it! haha has he got to test drive it yet, or is it not completely finished? Ya usually Ceviche is really good, but fish eye Ceviche is not my cup of tea lol. I havent had to many "adventures" with Spencer unfortunately. I see him all the time, but usually it is just for a meeting and then we are gone, Didn't get to play basketball with him last week, but we might play "Risk" this week, idk for sure though. If we were in the same district we could go on Exchanges but since we aren't we dont get to spend too much time together. Ya Alex is doing really good, he just recieved the priesthood this week, which was really awesome. He looks like a member. He has all the books, tie, shirt, shoes and slacks. He fits in really well, already flirting with some of the girls in the ward. I think that as long as he keeps coming to church it won't take him long to be a leader. My living situation is that me and my companion live in a one bedroom, one bathroom little apartment. Its small, but its all good, we pretty much only eat and sleep there so we dont need anything more. We have bunkbeds and ya I am living out of my suitcase because we dont have dressers or a closet or anything. How we do our laundry is a really difficult process. We call a hermana in our stake and she comes by and picks it up and then drops it off the next day and we pay her about 4 dollars. So I am happy that I dont have to wash my own clothes, this is one luxury we do have. 99 percent of the time I make my self an egg sandwhich for breakfast and dinner. I really havent adventured outside of this besides tuna or noodles of some sort. Of course we have cereal as well. But I am satisfied with this and it is a little bit healthy so that is good. Umm the saddest thing I have probably seen is just the living conditions of some people. Living in a tin shack with dirt floors and all they have for a bed is a soiled peice of cardboard. They are really impoverished, but still happy. Just little things like people having to use newspaper for socks, and not having any shorts or a shirt, and just eating out of the trash. It is definitely a different world down here that is for sure. We give lots of blessings to people. They do get better, and I know that the blessing helped that a lot. Me and my companions goal for this week is to have 15 new investigators and 5 baptismal dates. Usually the goal is to have 10 new investigators, but we really want to challenge ourselves this week. Got a haircut today which was really nice. I will send you some pictures of our recent baptism also. Oh something kinda cool/nerveracking. The President is coming to our sector today. He wants to visit with Amado Mosqueda because he really cares about him. So he is coming to our sector tonight at 6 oclock. I know that if anyone can change his mind, it will be President Montalti! Me and my companion are feeling very optimistic. Spanish is still coming, I am participating more and more in the lessons. I actually had to teach all of the commandments to our investigator because my companion had to go to an interview so we had a division and I taught all the commandments. Needless to say they were taught with "simplicity" but it was a really good experience for me! So ya I think that is all for this week, I will talk to you guys later!
Elder Storm

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tips on how not to get robbed...

Monday, January 24, 2011
This week was really good. Got some interesting and good stuff to tell you. We had another baptism and confirmation. His name is Alex, he is 21 years old and you can definitely tell he is excited about the gospel. He has had a really rough past, he has changed sooo much over the last month, its crazy! He was in gang, and did some bad stuff, and was involved in some bad stuff. But you can just see the change in him, its really awesome. During his baptism, at the end he stood up and bore his testimony, I felt the spirit very strongly, He is an awesome convert. I’ll send you some pictures for sure! So some interesting food I have eaten this week... I asked Elder Keables about this and it was a first for him as well. We had ceviche, which is like a traditional dish down here, but with eyeballs in it. I didn’t realize what they were until about the third one got on my spoon. they were crunchy and very very tough. I also had cow tongue, and stomach! So didnt like the food too much this week, but its all good! Me and my companion made plans, and if all goes according to plan we should have 10 baptisms in february! We got lots of faith I know it will happen. We are teaching a family of 9 people right now, not all of them are interested but its awesome! We also stumbled upon some less active people and they want their two kids to be baptized as well. The Lord is definitely blessing us with lots of baptisms. I am really excited! The spanish is coming pretty good, I am learning lots and lots every day, and every day becomes a little easier! Today for p-day me and my companion dont really have too many plans, I think we might play basketball with elder keables and his companion. Not quite sure yet. There is rumor that I might get transferred to the galapogos today, but I really doubt I will. That would be cool, but me and my companion have sooo many baptisms coming up that it would really stink at the same time. I wrote brian a letter this week also, I hope its the right address. So ya I got some good tips on how not to get robbed. My zone leader, Elder Reese told me to just grab their wrist if they come up for a handshake and I think that the person is sketchy. I actually got to apply this. A borracho got off a bus and saw me and made a beeline for me, I knew something was up so i grabbed his wrist when he tried to shake my hand, He looked so confused and went off about how the people of malvinas are different than the rest of guayaquil, haha. This next week we should have 2 more baptisms! I am wayyy excited, we are making lots of progress. Alright, well I dont really have much else to say, but I love you guys, and miss you. You guys are always in my prayers.
Elder Storm