Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Atonement...The Plan of God, its perfect in EVERY way!

June 5, 2011

Hey family-

This week was pretty good. Sad news, Elder Keables is not my companion! We actually didn’t receive our changes until Wednesday in the morning, so I was in a trio with the zone leaders for a couple days, but it was all good, I learned a lot from them. But ya, I have a new companion, his name is Elder Blau. He is from Hawaii. He is a chill guy and keeps me laughing, and so far so good. But after Elder Piñateli left he didn’t leave us with much of a program as far as investigators or anything, so we have pretty much had to start from scratch. But this week went super good. We put a baptismal date with a lady named Victoria Cali. She is super good and has listened to the missionaries before, but because she was working a lot she didn’t get baptized with them. But overall she is super excited for her baptism, and so are we! But other than that we don’t have any other dates, but I know we will be putting a lot more this week because we have some other awesome investigators. So anyway all is good with me. We are planning on moving houses soon because living with 4 elders gets kinda distracting sometimes. Anyway I hope all went well for your birthday mom, know that you were in my thoughts. That is awesome that you guys went to SF, miss that place. Of course we will definitely go there when I get back. And Emily and Braxton shoot, you guys are officially out of high school (super weird). How do you guys feel to know that you will never be in high school again? That is awesome that the Jimmerson’s came to the graduation party, I feel like I haven’t seen them in forever! Tell them I said “hello” Hey Dad, happy early birthday, I am guessing that you want to go canoeing or kayaking for your birthday right? haha I probably guessed right. Hey dad what do you want for your birthday? let me guess, you have everything you want. But anyway just want to let you know that I love you and I will be thinking about you a lot on the 11th. I thought about something, it is almost a year since I received my mission call…holy moly time fillies, ya know? So ya this week we found pretty much a golden investigator, which is far and few between in Guayaquil. But his name is Oswaldo. He has already agreed to be baptized, but we couldn’t put a baptismal date with him, because he works like three hours away and doesn’t know when he will be coming back, But he is amazing, went to all three hours of church, and was answering questions, and at the end he told me that he knew that the church was true, Gosh it was an amazing experience. I just hope he is here for the next weekend so he can come to church and we can put a date with him. I often times think of how different my life would be had we never become members of the church. Think about it, all of us kids would probably be headed down a path not in harmony with gods plan. You know how people say that you learn a ton on your mission, IT IS TRUE. Gosh I have learned sooo much about the temple, and soooo much just about the nature of god, and where we actually came from. I don’t really want to write it because it is very deep. But if you desire I could next week, it will blow your mind. It completely changed my way of thinking. Just actually how the Atonement works, and the plan of God, it is perfect in every way, and when they say its eternal, they really mean it. As far as I know, Elder Keables is still in Cuenca. So my dream probably wont come true of being companions with him, ;( but it is still really really awesome that we got called to the same mission. Can you believe that he only has 9 weeks left? Gosh that is just soooo crazy. Seems like just yesterday Sister Keables was saying, Spencer is officially in the mission field. But anyway, that is pretty much all that is new with me, I am absolutely loving it out here, it really is bringing a lot of joy into my life. I love you guys more than you know and I miss you a ton!

Elder Storm

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