Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Life and Ministry of Jesus on the Earth

April 25th, 2011

Herro Famer-y

This week has been really good, but I am super tired, P-day is just what I need to recharge my batteries. We got a third companion this last Monday night, Yup, we are in a trio now. Kinda weird not gonna lie, but its cool. His name is Elder Obregòn and he is from Guayaquil. He got called to serve in Caracas Venezuela, but he is waiting for his visa, He said it should be about 8 months to get it. But overall my sector is good, All three of us gave talks yesterday, I gave mine about the life and ministry of Jesus on the Earth, Elder Obregon did the Atonement, and Elder Linares talked about the Second Coming. It went really well and the total of 15 members that were there seemed to really like it. This week we have been really working with the members, actives and inactives, to try to strengthen our branch, because it is kinda week right now. But we were visiting an Inactive and she said that she is
going to start coming to church, and she also wants her grandkids to get baptized. Super cool, and definitely a huge blessing for us. This ward averages about 4 baptisms a year, they haven’t had a baptism in about a year, so I have faith that we can change that. This sector is a TON of walking. Up hills and mountains, and back down all day long. I definitely sleep super well every night. It is super beautiful though, all the mountains and greenery, definitely a lot more cheery than Guayaquil. But this last week we had a conference with Elder Nash of the Seventy. It was super good, we talked about the atonement, and faith, and true conversion. I got a lot out of it. Definitely got me motivated to go out and work super hard. Both my companions are good though, Elder Obregon is super new, this is his first sector, so he is getting used to everything, and Elder Linares always has a good attitude. Overall I am really enjoying it here in Catamayo. We might go into The city of Loja today, but we are not sure. This week was Semana Santa, or Holy Week for all the Catholics. And everyone here is catholic, so it was pretty crazy religious, Catholic churches were overflowing. Everyone turns super catholic for this week, it is really funny. But this next week should be pretty relaxed and normal, and we are hoping for another successful week. . Our mission Presidents motto is baptisms, baptisms and faith pretty much. He really stresses that how missionaries find happiness on their missions is through baptisms. And obviously the Lord won’t bless us with baptisms unless we are diligent and obedient. I am sooo surprised with some of the missionaries in this mission though. Like they say openly how they never feel the spirit when president is speaking, and how they think that he is thinking only about numbers. I have never felt the spirit stronger than when i hear our president speak, I know he was called from god, and he is just doing what the spirit is telling him too. Even my zone leaders say they don’t like him and anyone that does is a suck up, that is really what has been bugging me lately, Even my companion doesn’t like him. Gosh it is just sooo hard sometimes.

Wow so crazy that my birthday is already like next month, doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that I was turning 19, like almost ready to put in my papers. Holy moly time flies when your having fun. Overall, like I love anything American, like food wise, like candy and snacks. I have eaten cow stomach like 6 times here in my new sector, so its getting kinda old, don’t understand how people love it, but maybe I just need to get used to it. Wow Brooke is getting married, Tell her that I told her that she was going to get married within a year of me leaving, I don’t know if she will remember or not. I miss you guys a ton also, but ya time will fly, just wait and see. Gosh mom, I took your cooking for granted soooo much before the mish, it is soooooo gooodoooooodooood. I would just like you to send me a cooked tri-tip, some bullion potatoes, and creaser salad, with some of your orange jello. if that isn’t to much to ask lol. The new area is harder than my last area, but I know that we can have baptisms, even though they haven’t had a baptism here in about a year lol. But I am really trying to be optimistic. I have been emailing Jake every week, its been really good, you can tell through email that kid is amazing missionary. Not that I am surprised, Jake was always good at whatever thing he put his mind to. We have a plan to go to Brazil for the world cup, and then after go running with the bulls in Spain, so we will see how that goes. I am soooo excited for Shaun! that is freaking awesome! tell Braxton to give him a huge hug for me. Tell him to freaking write me back (idk if he ever got my letter or not).  Anyway Happy Easter, love you all!


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