Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Have 5 Baptismal Dates!

April 11th, 2011

Hola Familia!

This week has been super good! We worked hard up until about Friday, and then my companion got sick. We think that he has a parasite of some kind, but we aren’t sure. But it’s all good, I have a clean bill of health so far here in the mission, so that is good (knock on wood). So we didn’t get to work a whole lot this week, but we are hoping for a much better week this time around. We have 5 baptismal dates; we are hoping that they will all get baptized this next week, so cross your fingers and your arms (pray) haha. One funny experience I had this week was when we were at Family Molinas house and Teaching them the gospel. And then at the end, Harrison, gets up and says, "I am going to dance with my cat" and out of nowhere he just picks up his cat by the front legs and starts flinging it around, I thought for sure the cat was going to die, but somehow it made it out of the "Carousel from hell" alive. Definitely something I wanted to get on video as the cats legs and body were just being flung through the air by a little 12 year old boy. He told us that he practices with his cat everyday; maybe they will be famous some day, quien sabe? Anyway that is pretty much all that is exciting this week. We had zone conference as well and it was super good, President Montalti is definitely called from god to serve us that is for sure. He stressed a lot on faith, because we really need a lot of faith in this work, without it we will not receive blessings or miracles, and the work will be a lot harder. So that is something that I need to work on, because sometimes it is hard to have faith, but without a trial of our faith we will not progress. Some other exciting news is that we got Air Conditioning in our house, yep you heard me right, AIR CONDITIONING!! It got put in on like Friday! Its actually freezing in our apartment, so nice, I need to buy some sweat pants now. The owner of our house out of nowhere asked us if we wanted it, and of course two of us gringos jumped at that opportunity. So ya we are definitely enjoying it until the bill comes lol. But we have changes this next week and I am NERVOUS. I don’t really want to get changed because my companion is super cool, and we are having tons of success in our sector. But speaking of changes, Elder Applegate (remember my companion from the MTC) ya he knows he is getting changed, but he is getting changed to the Galapagos Islands! He is super stoked, and I am super jealous, President Montalti told him during zone conference. It is one of the hardest sectors, but definitely the coolest. I am super excited for him though; he said he is going to buy me a shirt. But anyway, that is pretty much all that is new for this week. Love you all a lot.

Elder Storm

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