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There is no greater joy than serving others, this work is Amazing!

May 17th, 2011

herro Fam

Everything is good with me, I did receive changes last week. I got changed back to Guayaquil. I am in a sector called "las Esclusas" or The locks. haha funny that it translates like that. Anyway so I am back here in Guayaquil, and I am pumped for my new sector. But here is some hope that me and Spencer can still be companions. Alright so he is district leader in Cuenca, I am in Guayaquil. But my companion is district leader also, and they are going to need a district leader here, So the chances aren’t super great, but there is a chance that they could put elder Keables here with me after my companion dies. I guess we will see, cross your fingers.  That would be soooo sick. The members are good, and we have some awesome investigators. My new companion is Elder PiƱateli, he is from Lima Peru. He will be ending his mission in two weeks, but the good part is that he is not trunkee at all. He is a super hard worker, and I have already learned a ton from him in this last week, and I know I can learn a ton more. He is about 5 foot 8 and he is about 275 lbs. So he is a big boy, but like a loveable teddy bear. He is excited to go back to his house, but at the same time doesn’t want to leave (which is what usually happens to missionaries). But ya we get a long great, he likes to joke around and so do I. We live in a house with two other elders, our zone leaders. Their names are Elder Fernberg and Elder Sandberg. It is really fun living with four elders, kinda like being in a college dorm, but with obedient missionaries haha. But ya we have a lot of really cool investigators, right now we have 7 baptismal dates, but we are hoping to put at least 5 more this week. I am super excited to work with the people here in our sector. We didn’t have a P-day yesterday (sorry for not writing). Because today we got to go to the temple again! it was really awesome to be back there again in such a short amount of time. But ya we had a training meeting in a room in the temple, which was really awesome, I could really feel the purpose of our work being that close with Heavenly Father there in the temple. But ya overall I am super happy where I am at now. My sector is a little dangerous, but nothing bad at all. It’s just like a normal sector in Guayaquil. We are waiting patiently for when Richard G. Scott will come to our mission, but possibly he wont be coming the 25th. President said that he isn’t sure, but it is a possibility. My companion is really hoping that he comes because he wants to hear an Apostle before he goes back to his house. But man nothing gets me more excited about the work than having baptisms, and we will be having 3 this Saturday. All three of them are super awesome, and they are all super excited to be baptized. Adriana has 20 years, and her parents live in Las Vegas and told her that she should learn more about the church, So she contacted the missionaries and is my first Golden Investigator. She doesn’t have problems with any of the commitments, always reads and understands, and always asks really good questions. Our other baptism is a boy that is 13 years old and his name is Joel. His mom is a member, and he decided that he wants to get baptized, so of course we were more than willing to teach him. This kid is super smart, he understands all the scriptures that we read (which is hard to find) and he really does have a thirst for knowledge, and especially for the gospel. Our third baptism is a girl that is 14 years old who has been attending church for about 3 years but never excepted a baptismal date until now. She lives in one of the humbler parts of our sector, and her family is all awesome, so we are hoping that we can teach them and baptize them as well. she has 9 other brothers and sisters, so if we could get the parents to be baptized it would get the whole family to be baptized. That would be sooo amazing to see all of them come unto Christ. It is definitely true, that there is no greater joy than serving others, this work is amazing. I always thought that missionaries were just saying that it
is the best two years of your life. I don’t know if it will be the best two years, but I am definitely getting lots of joy out of seeing this change in people.

I haven’t received any packages yet, but maybe receiving some tomorrow in our district meeting. Shoot skyping was amazing wasn’t it? I loved it, did not want to say goodbye, but that’s life lol. Jake told me that he got to Skype with his parents and family also which is super sweet Gosh I kinda get a sick feeling thinking that Emily and Braxton are graduating and going to college. I just kinda wish we were all still little playing with legos and watching Disney movies. But I guess this is the way life works lol. Wow you are going to send cinnamon toast crunch! I am really happy! That will be amazingly awesome. I am going to guard it like gold lol. And Emily and Braxton really did look amazing, wow. That is really cool that the 70 came to your stake conference, who was it? The members down here need to hear that talk that he gave, because a lot of them don’t think that going to church is important, which is apostasy. But ya you definitely don’t have to worry, there is a scripture that says, "by their fruits ye shall know them" and you guys as parents have developed some very good fruit. Son on a mission, daughter married in the temple, and 2 more to follow in the same way! So if you ever get down on yourself thinking that you were a bad parent, just look at what you have produced! You guys were always really loving to us, and even though we weren’t always the most well-behaved kids, we all turned out alright. Anyway, I will go and write the general email now telling about my week and all, alright

love you all,

Elder Storm

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